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Città dei Balocchi Cernobbio /City of Toys Cernobbio



From the beginning of December until the first days of January, Cernobbio turns into the City of Toys, a unique and magical festival designed and dedicated to children and families.
The famous Christmas Market with its typical wooden cottages with a fairy-tale atmosphere, handicraft and food and wine excellences of the area expands and embraces other areas of the city.

In an evocative atmosphere of lights and colors, the Christmas Market of the City of Toys has for several years been among the most famous destinations of market-related tourism that moves millions of tourists throughout Europe.
A meeting point of local and non-local culture, it offers a purpose-built set-up amid the flavors of Christmas traditions and the cheerful atmosphere of festive days.


Como Museums


Museums in Como are a must stop for history lovers to visit in the city of Como. They have gathered and collected both pieces of art and traces of history. You may enjoy some masterpieces from the Renaissance, the Risorgimento, and also from the Futurist era.

Most Como museums and historic sites are situated in the town center. Conveniently for a visitor to choose to visit during a walk around the town.

Here you may find the list with Como museums /and web sites/contacts/, to choose during your visit:
– Tempio Voltiano /
– Museo Storico Giuseppe Garibaldi /
– Pinacoteca Civica – Art Gallery /

Historical Villas

Another stops not to miss here are the famous Villas – an architectural work of art that will not cease to impress visitors. All of them keep the history of the ancestors and all are set up in flourishing gardens that fulfill both the eyes and the hearts with their beautiful blooming colors Many host international art exhibitions and conferences, concerts and events.
For updates on the local activities, subscribe to our newsletter. For more convenience, here below is a list with Como Villas to enjoy during your trip:
– Villa Olmo:
– Villa del Balbaniello:

The City’s Theatre offers a wide selection of performances not to be missed.
Enjoy an aperitif in the old town followed by a theatre performance and finish it with a romantic late night walk through the city streets. What a fantastic evening could be, eh ?:

Leisure Activities


Lake Como is a place of exceptional charm, a corner of the world where nature, art and breathtaking landscapes come together to a unique piece which creates memorable feeling in those that have been here. One of the many ways to fully enjoy the landscapes is by taking any of the many, many outdoor activities that the area offers.

The charm of this area for me comes from the unique combination of the lake with the surrounding mountains. The highest peak is the Legnone (2609m), the second is the Grigna (2410m) and then down to decline, in a succession of peaks and slopes.

Simply “heaven” for lovers of hiking. There are endless walks and walking paths and as a reward - you will get the breathtaking views, (the sweet muscle pain) & the clean air.

For the most adventurer ones of you – we may also recommend to explore the path by riding a horse. There are a few ranches that offers horse riding on the lake shore but also on the mountain treks.

Paragliding over the magnificent lake and the mountains around is an enjoyable and exciting activity. It’s a phenomenal experience worth to try.

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